The advantages of glass:

It conserves the quality of its contents

  • It conserves the quality of its contents

    Its impermeability makes it a reliable material, in terms of protection, when used in packaging. A glass container provides an outstanding barrier against outside influences, and does not affect the flavour, aroma or composition of its contents in any way. Glass packaging provides just what is needed for food products: the long-term preservation of their original qualities.

    Nothing is healthier than glass.

It provides an ideal way to showcase a product

  • It provides an ideal way to showcase a product

    Glass packaging does not just protect; it actually adds value to its contents. The transparency of glass, whether coloured or plain, ensures that the contents stand out visually, allowing consumers to immediately see the quality of the product concerned.

From standard packaging to customised one-off

  • From standard packaging to customised one-off

    The initial malleability of glass means that it can be used for making a wide range of customised packaging – in an equally-wide selection of colours, and in virtually any shape imaginable. It imposes almost no creative limits, and gives the designer maximum freedom to match the packaging to each customer’s precise product requirements.

    Whether the mission is to supply daring innovation or a nostalgic evoking of natural values, glass reinforces the symbiosis of container and contents. Whether decorated or plain, smooth or engraved, transparent or frosted, a glass container lets you appreciate its contents, while stressing aspects such as freshness, premium quality, tradition or innovation – without having to remove the lid.

Glass respects the environment

  • Glass respects the environment

    With its unique ability to be recycled infinitely and in its entirety, glass is the environmentally sustainable material. This is how it contributes to protecting the environment: A used bottle can be recycled into a new one, without losing any of its quality or capacity, in a process that can be repeated infinitely.

    An integrated system of recycling provides important cost-savings and a reduction in the carbon footprint, thanks to both reduced energy-consumption and less use of natural resources.

It enhances the consumer’s experience

  • It enhances the consumer’s experience

    A glass container can be placed directly in the microwave for heating, and reused for all manner of purposes afterwards.

    It allows its contents to be consumed in their entirety, without deforming or causing the product to stick to its surface.

    It also ensures the right presentation, and can be served directly to the table.

    These are the qualities that have made glass a favourite among consumers.

Glass: a material of the future

  • Glass: a material of the future

    Natural, resistant, neutral, with no effect on contents; the focus of all manner of promising innovations and infinitely recyclable – these are just a few of the reasons for which glass withstands the test of time.