Glass & Creation Contest Awards: the exhibition of the Spanish winning projects

Glass & Creation Contest Awards: the exhibition of the Spanish winning projects

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014.- The Glass & Creation Contest by Verallia for design schools has taken place for the first time in Spain, under the claim “Re-invent your own glass container”. The jury, leaded by Nacho Lavernia -Spanish National Design and Innovation Prize in 2012-, has chosen Pablo Arenzana´s project, “Pop”, as the most innovative among 35 creations.




Verallia, supporting young designers

  • Pablo Arenzana, Javier Alonso and Linette Klitgaard are the winners of the first edition of Verallia’s design school contest in Spain.
  • Pop”, a take away container for gourmets, chosen among 35 projects as the most innovative.


Verallia, third global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, presents the first Spanish edition of its Glass & Creation Contest, the international packaging design competition for schools.  The students were challenged to re-invent their own glass container. In other words, to come up with new and innovative glass containers with current values (sustainability, food security, etc..), in order to help recover lost uses in recent years or develop new moments of use. 

Nacho Lavernia, Spanish National Design and Innovation Prize in 2012, is the head of a 13 member jury -composed by well-known Spanish designers such as Alberto Cienfuegos and Eduardo del Fraile, specialized journalists like News Packaging magazine director Maica García or Tachy Mora, and Verallia clients and executives-, comissioned to choose the most creative container among 35 projects.  The future designers were specially encoureged by the possibility of seeing their work developed by Verallia, with their close collaboration, and thus commercialized over the world. Lavernia praised the initiative with these words: “This is such a great opportunity for the students. Obviously, Verallia was searching for the uninhibited and overwhelming creativity that only those who still aren’t restrained by the market’s limitations possess”.  

Pop by Pablo ArenzanaThe jury has chosen Pop, by Pablo Arenzana, student from ESDIR (La Rioja), as the first prize winner, worth 3.000 €. The piece invites the consumer to “connect, combine and have a good time”, offering the possibility to enjoy beverages and food at the same time.





Fuji by Javier AlonsoThe second prize (1.500 €) has been won by Javier Alonso -who also studies in ESDIR (La Rioja)- for Fuji. This project consists of three glass containers specially conceived for gourmet products. Adaptation is the key thanks to their different sizes.





Butter Nº 1 by Linette KlitgaardLinette Klitgaard, from IED Barcelona school, has been awarded the third prize (1.000 €). Her creation, titled Butter Nº 1, is a stackable, ergonomic and reusable jar inspired by the simple nordic style. 




After the awards ceremony, which took place in Verallia’s headquarters in Madrid, the assistants had the chance to take a close look at the best designs in an exhibition. 

It was Verallia France who created the packaging design competition back in 2009, searching to provide a “creation laboratory” that would enable design and packaging students to explore the creative, technical and marketing potential of glass packaging. 

Every year year, the competition, which has gone international with editions in Spain, Portugal, England, Brazil and other countries, attracts several hundred participants from the leading design schools in each nation. The success is such that plans for an international finale for the competition are being considered at this moment. 

The contestants’ submissions for the wine, spirits, juice, water and syrups markets, along with the food and beverage, housewares and other markets, clear the way for future applications for food and beverage packaging.