Verallia provides a strong, personal customer service

Verallia, world leader in the supply of glass packaging for wines, spirits and food products, produces more than 25 billion bottles and glass jars annually for over 10,000 customers based in 46 countries around the world.

Verallia likewise leads the sector in its homeland of Spain, where five production plants distributed around the country help keep the company close to its customers.

Verallia produces bottles designed mainly for use with still and sparkling wine, spirits and liqueurs, beer, soft drinks and mineral water. The company also leads the sector in the manufacture of containers for the food industry, in the shape of bottles for olive/cooking oil and fruit juices, along with jars for preserves, olives, dairy products, etc.

Verallia’s strength lies in its capacity to innovate, while offering customers packaging items that accentuate the value of the products contained in them.

At our technical centre in Azuqueca (known by its Spanish initials “CTA”), we design state-of-the-art products that provide our customers with innovative packaging solutions.