Sustainable Value

Initiatives designed to guarantee sustainable development are a high priority in Verallia’s corporate strategy.

Verallia is committed to glass as the packaging material most likely to help ensure the sustainable development of our economy.
Verallia creates secure and stable employment, always in collaboration with the communities in which we are based.

The environment is obviously a key part of Verallia’s strategy of sustainable development, which aims to provide benchmarks for both the glass industry and other parts of the packaging-material sector. Analysis of the environmental impact of our processes allows us to establish proactive plans designed to reduce their effects in this respect.

Glass is 100% recyclable and the process can be repeated an infinite number of times, thereby drastically reducing our need for raw materials.

Glass is a sustainable substance, which can be recycled, in its entirety, an infinite number of times. This diminishes the need for mined raw materials, cuts energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint, thereby making glass a material with multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.

100% of the glass collected can be recycled. This reduces energy consumption.

Verallia is fully committed to modernising the process in order to make it more energy-efficient, while minimising the consumption of water, making maximum use of the residues that it generates and reducing atmospheric pollutants, with the overall objective of making a product that is both healthy and sustainable.

The ECOVA range of products, of which Verallia Spain has sold more than 500 million units to date, consists of bottles designed to reduce weight, but without any negative effects on design and image.

Glass containers are the right choice when it comes to preserving the environment, both today and in the future.